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Our team is a well-rounded group of bakers, crimpers, confectioners and everything in between. Since the early days of the bakery the team has grown rapidly, and so has the premises. Today Portreath Bakery thrives as a local retailer and national wholesaler.
The bakery has also expanded since 2017 to create a national gluten free wholesale brand ‘Made Marion Gluten Free’. The businesses have amassed tremendous success since their procurement and continue to do so to this day.
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Portreath Pasties
Portreath’s Cornish pasty has been hand crimped in portreath bakery since 1988. We only use the finest locally sourced ingredients for our pasties. A hearty meal wrapped in a pastry casing made for a very practical lunch down in the dark and damp tunnels of the mine.
There are, fortunately, some facts that can be agreed upon by all pasty-makers. The meat should be chopped, the vegetables should always be sliced, and the ingredients must never be cooked before they are wrapped in the pastry. Each pasty must be baked completely from raw. It is this fact that makes the Cornish pasty unique amongst similar foods from around the world.
This is what gives us the mark of Protected Geographical Indication and the Cornish Pasty Association’s label of a genuine Cornish Pasty.
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