What is the CPA?
The Cornish Pasty Association is the leading authority in Cornish Pasties here to champion and protect the authenticity and distinctiveness of the genuine Cornish Pasty. Their role is to uphold the integrity of the Cornish Pasty as a protected brand as well as offer advice and support for producers and sellers of genuine Cornish Pasties.
Where the CPA logo is displayed on the website, this indicates that the producer and products are part of the CPA membership scheme. Although membership to the CPA scheme is optional, to be granted membership producers must have first successfully obtained PGI verification that their applicable products are genuine Cornish Pasties.
Please note: The CPA logo shows an association rather than a certification. Although the stamp provides further reassurance of a genuine Cornish Pasty, producers of Cornish pasties are under no obligation to become members.
For further information on the Cornish Pasty Association (CPA), please visit The Cornwall Pasty Association (CPA)
What are the characteristics of a genuine Cornish pasty?
As well as the obvious – being produced in Cornwall, a genuine Cornish pasty must only contain:
  • Roughly diced or minced beef
  • Sliced or diced potato
  • Swede (turnip)
  • Onion
  • Seasoning to taste (mainly salt & pepper)
The ingredients must be uncooked when the pasty is assembled
The pastry must be savoury and can be shortcrust, puff or rough puff and must hold all ingredients through cooking and handling without cracking or breaking.
The pasty must be crimped into a D shape, with the crimp towards one side.
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