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Pasties Steeped In Tradition
Nestled in the deepest South West of Cornwall, Lavenders Pasties are steeped in tradition. Every pasty is made completely by hand in the original, traditional manner. From rolling out our rich shortcrust pastry, to filling the pasty with the finest local skirt steak from a fully traceable and red tractor accredited butcher. Add to that a perfectly flaked Cornish vegetable mix of potato, onion, and swede with a pinch of salt and pepper. Finally hand crimped by expert crimpers and glazed, nothing extra added or needed.
Of course, there is always room for innovation, we have diversified and are proud to present out flavoured pasties. From our beautiful meaty offerings to our new and exciting vegetarian and vegan options, whilst still maintaining the original integrity of our national dish we have aimed to make something for everyone, just as tasty, and still a proper job!
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Opened by Ken Lavender and his son Ian Lavender in 1978, our family run bakery prepares our award-winning pasties to the same recipe that has been have handed down from generation to generation. Today, keeping up the tradition are Andrew Lavender and his partner Nicola. A proper family run business, we are passionate and dedicated to providing the finest quality pasties, using only the best locally sourced Cornish ingredients possible. We are proud to be carrying this hearty, traditional food into the 21st century with the same honest pride it has been made with for hundreds of years.
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